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Surgical Tables

Cooperating with professionals operating on the global market of medical products and services is essential to us. Our clients have grown used to the fact that AMTAI offers the best state of the art technology. more

Decontamination / Desinfection

SaniVap is the originator and leader in the field of steam cleaning, it’s an unquestionable expert in cleaning and decontamination sector. Thanks to our help you can reduce costs and invest the saved money. more

Medical Instruments

Since the establishment of our company in 1990, we have been dealing with medical instruments. Since then, we have been the specialist for many hospitals when it comes to price / performance for medical instruments. We offer a very wide variety of different medical instruments for almost all medical fields. Our medical instruments are of […] more

Our service

Our company has guaranteed the best service and the best quality for over 25 years. It is important for us to make the equipment 100 % reliable in order to constantly provide the most important thing, that is the safety of the patient and medical personnel. more

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