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100 % environmentally friendly
W 100 % without chemicals, only water and electricity


is the originator and leader in the field of steam cleaning, it’s an unquestionable expert in cleaning and decontamination sector. There are many areas where steam cleaning can be used, e.g.:

  • healthcare
  • public sector
  • industry (in particular food industry)

Due to SaniVap products we can offer you reliable and professional support in all the above mentioned areas as well as in many other fields. Thanks to our help you can reduce costs and invest the saved money.

The SANIVAP systems produce steam at high temperature (from 150°C) at 5 bars pressure, which guarantees infallible cleaning power without the necessity to use expensive chemicals.

Thanks to SaniVap you can guarantee a new hygiene standard to your patients. Let’s just think how many chronic diseases or cases of death of the patients due to infection can be avoided thanks to this method. By offering steam biocleaning we can help you in organising your work in a safe and effective way. Moreover, we do not leave you on your own – on the contrary – we would train the personnel to fulfil their duties perfectly well by using SaniVap, which most probably will again lead to cost reduction.

Efficiency of disinfection:

> 5 logs reduction
> 4 logs reduction
> 4 logs reduction
> 4 logs reduction
> 5 logs reduction (Steam combined with 10% hydrogen peroxide solution)

All the products have a CE mark for medical devices, certification ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.

SaniVap can boast of a long list of references.

We are 100 % environmentally friendly!

Examples of use

This place in the hospital is considered to be a high risk area. SaniVap equipment guarantees the highest quality of cleaning and disinfection of operating theatres and medical equipment by means of steam biocleaning method, which can be used according to the everyday operating cycle.

Thanks to SaniVap equipment and accessories biocleaning and disinfection is simple. The equipment can efficiently clean and disinfect all types of surfaces and furniture in a ward.

SaniVap makes it possible to clean incubators perfectly well.

Especially ambulances need to be kept immaculate and SaniVap can help thanks to the steam biocleaning method.

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