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Our company has guaranteed the best service and the best quality for over 25 years. We train our employees properly in order to be able to offer our clients high quality service at all times. We believe that well installed, maintained and clean equipment works longer and is more reliable, and therefore our clients may save their time, stress and costs.

It is important for us to make the equipment 100 % reliable in order to constantly provide the most important thing, that is the safety of the patient and medical personnel.

Below several references of our clients are enclosed, because no one can better confirm our professionalism and meticulousness than a satisfied client.

We want to meet your expectations by being reliable.

We offer our clients a warranty service provided by selected manufacturers, as well as after warranty service for almost all types of equipment, we also do repairs and general inspections.

We have big experience in particular concerning such equipment as respirators, operating lamps, operating tables, sterilisers, autoclaves, steam cleaning equipment, patient transport equipment and many others.

Contact us personally and our experts will be happy to help you.

We draw special attention to individual consulting, which is a prerequisite for the client’s satisfaction. Only the one who knows what you are looking for can meet or even exceed your expectations!

Direct contact to our Service: +48 504 160 942 

Premium services for companies:

MEDEN offers a long lasting service for medical companies that are not able or are not interested in offering their own service to their clients. If you need details about how to offer our service to your clients, please contact as in person.

We offer you, among others, the following services:

  • we guarantee that our service team will respond to you within 48 hours
  • installation of new equipment and changing its location
  • adaptation of rooms and assembly of equipment according to the requirements of the manufacturer
  • safety audits and approvals; checking whether the equipment is compliant to the safety standards
  • modernisations
  • equipment and software updates which maintain the system at the modern technological level
  • comprehensive renovations
  • renovating equipment so that it can regain its proper full efficiency
  • flexibility
  • organising trainings for medical personnel


  • warranty inspections and necessary repairs according to the warranty agreement
  • after warranty inspections and eliminating any possible defects which occurred during operation
  • periodic
  • preventive

If you are interested in our offer or if you have any questions, our experienced experts would be happy to help you!

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